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     From top to bottom, Oros and Busch is staffed with dedicated
     professionals.  We are very proud of our team and their passion for excellence.

We are delighted to introduce you to some key members of our
     management team, who share nearly two decades of experience:

   Jake Oros

Jake has 17 years of Operations experience in the Waste Water Industry and is directly responsible for all project oversight. In addition, he oversees all employees, equipment and day to day operations
Education - A.A.S. Agricultural Business and Agricultural Science
Certifications/Training - Water/Wastewater Operations
Class A Confined Animal Feeding Operations Certified Operator

  Bill Angelotti
      President of Business Development          

Bill has 25 years of Operations, Sales, and Environmental experience in the Waste Water industry.
Bill is responsible for identifying, designing, and engineering of all potential projects. Certifications/Training - Environmental Compliance for Federal Facilities and Industry
Lead Hazard Risk Assessment
Airborne Fiber Analysis
EPA Asbestos Management Planner
EPA Asbestos Inspector
EPA AHERA Supervisor
EPA Management Planner
EPA Project Planner
EPA Inspector

Why Oros and Busch is your best choice ...

  Capable of handling both solids and liquids
  Expert EPA and environmental compliance
  USDOT, OSHA, and safety expertise
  Multi-state permitting capabilities
  Excellent land stewardship practices
  Reliable logistics and transportation
  Responsive, hands-on management team
  Dedicated to complete customer satisfaction
  We work hand-in-hand with land owners
  Committed to ethical business standards

 Contact us today and see for yourself!
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